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Wisdom Teeth Removal

For many individuals, the wisdom teeth appear when they are young adults of about eighteen years old for those that mature early while for others the teeth might take longer to appear.

Before the wisdom teeth develop the mouth has a capacity of twenty-eight teeth that perfectly fit the mouth.

The wisdom teeth development might interfere with this perfect fit if there is no adequate space for the wisdom teeth to surface which might cause extreme pain in an individual.

If there is no adequate space on the jaw to develop in line with the other teeth the wisdom teeth will look for other areas on the jaw to develop causing them to misalign.

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Reasons for wisdom teeth removal

More often than not the jaw can only perfectly handle twenty-eight teeth which is why wisdom teeth development is a hectic period for many young adults.

When space is not enough on the jaw where they are supposed to be aligned they start developing on other jaw areas which might be extremely painful for an individual. The wisdom teeth will have to be removed in such cases so that the mouth is left with only the teeth that perfectly fit and are in proper alignment.

Individuals with healthy gums will not suffer from this problem as their gums will be spacious enough to accommodate the wisdom teeth. Proper alignment of the wisdom teeth and enough being available are rare occurrences which can explain why the practice of wisdom teeth removal has become popular in Beverly Hills.

Often the wisdom teeth become trapped under the jawbone or the gum, they develop sideways, or they protrude partially from the gum.

When the wisdom teeth fail to emerge completely on the surface, there is a gap left on the gum which might create an ideal atmosphere for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow to cause an infection.

Stiffness, pain and eventually illness will be caused by the infection. When the natural alignment of the teeth is interfered with, there is also a high possibility of tumors and cysts developing in the infected areas of the gum which might result to the destruction of the jawbone in addition to the other healthy teeth.

The dentists at the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills advice their patients to have the wisdom teeth removed immediately such serious conditions in their dental health occur to avoid further damage.

Benefits of early detection

The best time to check if your wisdom teeth will have ample space for development on the gum is during the teenage years. During this mid-teenage period, the dentist will detect how the wisdom teeth will align themselves which will give you time to plan on their early removal as soon as they emerge if there is no room for development.

This type of examinations is conducted at the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills through the assistance of X-rays to show wisdom teeth alignment and comprehensively analyze when they will start developing.

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