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When is wisdom tooth removal necessary?

Tooth extraction is a common dental treatment for most dental issues. Normally, regular dentists can perform tooth extraction. However, you may require the services of an oral surgeon for surgical tooth extraction. This is a situation where the tooth being removed requires surgical expertise to remove from its socket. At Dr. Saadat dental clinic, you can get top-notch dental extraction services; both simple and surgical. The dentist will recommend tooth extraction if he finds that the tooth is damaged beyond repair and is no longer functional. Also, if the tooth is experiencing lots of pain, it may have to be removed in order to alleviate the pain permanently.

Wisdom teeth removal Beverly Hills is a common dental procedure in most dental clinics across the city. Below are a variety of situations where wisdom teeth removal may be necessary.

Fixing impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are wisdom teeth that are usually the last ones to grow. These teeth tend to grow halfway out of the gum and stay that way. In most cases, these teeth are not very functional in chewing making their role minimal to the general dental function. An impacted tooth can cause you pain and discomfort when biting especially if the gum covers the tooth partially. In such a case, it is best to go for wisdom teeth removal Beverly Hills. By removing the impacted tooth, you won’t have to worry about any pain from the tooth and also, you will be preventing any potential dental complications in the future.

Crowded teeth

Growing wisdom teeth can cause crowding of teeth making your smile look very unattractive. Since wisdom teeth are usually larger than normal teeth, they can squeeze adjacent teeth reducing the space available for the teeth. Crowded teeth can be corrected through wisdom teeth removal Beverly Hills. By removing a single wisdom tooth, the other teeth will have more space to reposition and using braces or aligners, the teeth can get back to normal. For the best wisdom teeth removal services, you can visit Dr. Saadat dental clinic.

Wisdom tooth decay

Wisdom tooth decay can be very uncomfortable. If the decay exceeds a certain amount, the tooth may start aching since the nerves will be affected. In such a case, it is for all time best to get wisdom teeth removal Beverly Hills. Treating decay on a wisdom tooth can be very difficult due to the location of the tooth. What’s more, it would require a lot of time and money for a wisdom tooth root canal to be done successfully. Tooth removal is usually the best option as recommended by most dental professionals.

Painful gums around the tooth

As the wisdom tooth grows, its size may affect the surrounding area. The pressure exerted can, in turn, cause the gums to ache and hurt as the new tooth grows. If this pain becomes constant, you should visit a dentist to get the wisdom tooth removed. For the best wisdom tooth removal services in Beverly Hills, visit Dr. Saadat dental clinic.

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