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What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is the surgical procedure that is done by specialists to rectify issues associated with the joints or bones. The procedure involves bone tissue transportation. The procedure is essential in the treatment of bone that has been destroyed as a result of trauma. The treatment can also be used to fix issues relating to bone joints.

The procedure is especially beneficial for individuals who have an implanted device where the bone is meant to grow around it or in situations where the full knee needs to be replaced. At the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills, this procedure is also used as treatments in situations where there is a fracture in a bone or bone loss occurs.

The bone graft created during the procedure is used to occupy the space where a bone has been lost or to create structural stability. The bones used in bone grafting procedure are derived from the individual’s body, from a donor or made artificially. If the patient’s body accepts the bone graft, it is used as a framework from where a new living bone can develop.


Types of bone grafts

The two primary bone grafts used in bone grafting are the allograft and autograft. The autograft is the bone graft that is derived from the patient’s body from areas such as the hips, wrist, pelvis or ribs. The allograft is the bone graft that is derived from a cadaver which is stored in the tissue bank after being thoroughly cleaned or taken from a deceased donor.

The type of injury will determine the type of graft that a surgeon will use in the procedure. For knee, hip and long bone repairs such as legs or arms the allografts bone grafts are commonly used. The primary benefit of using allografts is that the bone is already acquired, so no extra surgeries are required to retrieve it which decreases the chances of an individual getting an infection due to the additional incisions.

Reasons why bone grafting is performed

There are many reasons why bone grafting might be recommended for treatment such as due to the occurrence of a disease or after getting injured. The first reason why a bone graft might be necessary is due to the occurrence of complex or multiple fractures which do not respond well to treatment in the first stages. The second reason is when two bones need to be fused for them to heal together across a joint that is ailing mostly on the spine. The third reason is to aid in the fast healing of bones surrounding devices that have been surgically implanted such as replacements of plates, screws or joints. The fourth reason is to regenerate bones that have been lost as a result of injury, disease or infection. This process can entail the use of tiny components of the bone graft in large areas or bone cavities.

The risks of the bone grafting procedure

Any type of surgery involves risks such as infections, side effects of the anesthesia and bleeding which is why at the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills we ensure our patients are fully aware of what they are getting into. Risks that are associated explicitly with bone grafting include nerve injury, pain, swelling, inflammation, bone graft rejection and reabsorption of the graft.

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