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The different dental treatment you can get from an oral surgeon

An oral surgeon deals with dental issues that require surgical treatment or otherwise invasive treatment procedures. In dental surgery, you can get treatment for various dental issues whether they are long-standing or simply causing excessive pain. At Dr. Nariman Saadat dental clinic, you can get top-notch dental surgery services that are aimed towards improving the functionality of teeth and also keeping your dental structure healthy and strong.

An oral surgeon Beverly Hills can perform dental surgery for either cosmetic purposes or general dental treatment. Depending on your dental issue, your dentist will provide suitable dental treatments for your specific dental issue. Oral surgeons offer tons of dental treatments for different dental issues. Below are some of the common dental issues that can be treated through dental surgery.

TMJ disorder

Oral surgery can be used to treat a TMJ disorder. Most of the dental patients who go for TMJ disorder treatment claim that dental surgery is great for pain relief and resolution of the TMJ disorder. Dental surgery is usually recommended for a TMJ disorder that is caused by an ineffective temporomandibular joint.

During treatment, the oral surgeon Beverly Hills will first induce general anesthesia to eliminate any pain during the procedure. After that, the surgeon performs an open joint surgery where he reveals the joint and finds the problem causing the disorder. The oral surgeon can choose to remove any collected abscess or treat the functioning of the joint to make the joint normal again.

Jaw restructuring

Most of the time, dental treatment for jaw related issues is usually reliant on orthodontic dental treatment. However, an oral surgeon Beverly Hills can also offer jaw restructuring services depending on the cause of the jaw complication.

The oral surgeon will first diagnose the dental issue then take you through possible treatments for the condition. In jaw restructuring, the oral surgeon can readjust the positioning of the jaw in order for the jaw to be more functional. Visit Dr. Nariman Saadat dental clinic today to enjoy top-notch jaw restructuring services.

Facial injury repair

When you get facial injuries, it may affect the jawbone and other facial bones. This may cause incessant pain as well as discomfort as you partake in the usual day to day activities.

You can visit an oral surgeon Beverly Hills to get the best treatment for a facial injury. For small wounds and cuts, the oral surgeon can stitch you up to reduce the risk of infection through the mouth. For bone related issues, the oral surgeon will have to perform some invasive procedures to restore bone functionality and also reconstruct the face to a more appealing and attractive look.

Benefits of visiting an oral surgeon

Oral surgery offers tons of dental solutions that may be ineffective through other dental treatments. What’re more oral surgeons can also perform regular dental procedures when necessary.

For instance, some dental treatments cannot be done without first cleaning and removing plaque from the tooth. This means the oral surgeon can perform all necessary procedures for your dental issue. Visit Dr. Nariman Saadat dental clinic today and get top-notch oral surgery services.


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