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Situations where jaw surgery is necessary

Jaw surgery is a dental procedure that is commonly applied in dental reconstructive treatment. A regular dentist cannot perform jaw surgery meaning you can only get this treatment from an oral surgeon or an orthodontist. Jaw surgery Beverly Hills can be performed for a variety of dental issues including the following.

Biting problems

Irregular jaw growth can lead to all sorts of biting problems including open bite, underbite, crossbite, and overbite. These biting problems may make it hard to chew and can also lead to other dental complications like grinding teeth during sleep. At Dr. Saadat dental clinic, you can get treatment for biting problems that are caused by an irregular jaw.

The orthodontist, in this case, corrects jaw positioning through a couple of procedures that are done in different dental sessions. In some cases, the orthodontist may opt to use dental equipment such as headgear or dental braces to help realign the teeth and the jaw structure. In this treatment, the dental patient works together with the orthodontist to know what the process entails and assess the expectations of treatment.

Facial injury

Injury to the face may sometimes cause a problem with your jaw. A terrible injury can lead to a locked jaw which cannot move past a certain point. For such cases, dentists recommend that you get dental attention as soon as possible to prevent further complications. Facial injury can also lead to a continuous pain on the jaw necessitating pain relief.

You can visit Dr. Saadat dental clinic for the best dental treatment for jaw problems.

TMJ disorder

Jaw surgery Beverly Hills is the most efficient method of treating a temporomandibular joint disorder. This disorder is usually caused by a problem with the TMJ joint which helps open and closes the jaw. If this joint is injured, you may be unable to move your jaw freely, or in worse cases, you can experience a lot of pain on the joint. TMJ can be caused by facial injury or certain forms of arthritis.

When having this disorder, you will experience a sharp pain at the front of the ear when moving your jaw. It is essential on the way to seeing a dentist as soon as you detect signs of a TMJ disorder.

Birth defects

You may find that a jaw problem is genetically transmitted within your family. In such a case, you may be having a protruded jaw causing biting problems which eventually affect how you use your jaw. Jaw surgery Beverly Hills can be applied in the treatment of such defects making your jaw structure more even and aligned. Contact Dr. Saadat today to get the best jaw surgery treatment for any dental issue.

Sleep apnea

Jaw surgery can be applied in treating sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea usually experience difficulty breathing as they sleep causing various health risks. Through jaw surgery, the throat muscles can be availed with more space making them lie further apart. This will, in turn, reduce sleep apnea tendencies by making the airway larger thus less constricted.

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