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Pre-prosthetic surgery Beverly Hills

Pre-prosthetic surgery is the term used to describe all forms or maxillofacial or oral surgeries that are conducted to prepare the mouth before a dental restoration procedure is done. The surgery differs based on the type of dental restoration required and the condition of the dental health. The surgery involves procedures like gum smoothing, alveolar bridge and rebuilding areas where the bone has been lost. The main purpose of conducting this surgery is to make sure that the dentures or other components put during the dental restoration procedures perfectly and snugly fit as much as possible in your smile.  Bone grafting which is also referred to as ridge augmentation can be conducted to prepare jaws that are atrophied before dental implants are fixed. Individuals who have jawbone atrophy or gum recession can have their smiles restored through pre-prosthetic surgery.

Who should undergo Pre-Prosthetic Surgery?

Before undertaking the surgery at the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills an individual will have to be thoroughly examined by a doctor to determine if they qualify for the surgery. Extensive and comprehensive examinations will be conducted for the diagnosis given to be accurate. The qualification for this type of surgery will be based on factors such as the gums, alveolar ridge, mouth contours and the shape. When dentures are fixed on bone developments that are deformed, they are bound to become loose which result to bacteria and food accumulating below the loosely fitted dentures which increase the chances of getting chronic bad to breathe and gum diseases.

When the fit of dentures is enhanced through pre-prosthetic surgery an individual’s oral health is safeguarded. Individuals with gum tissue that is excess which affects the dental restoration procedure or has have teeth loss which resulted in jawbone recession will require to undergo the pre-prosthetic surgery. Good health is a must for an individual to qualify for the surgery. Individuals who suffer from systematic health issues that might affect the ability of the body to heal will not qualify for the procedure.

Preparing for Surgery

There are several factors that the doctorate the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills needs to take into consideration when preparing for the surgery such as the technique they will use, the material used in the bone grafting if it is required, the component used to sedate or numb the patient, the surgery type, other specialists that they might need to collaborate with based on the nature of the surgery and the duration of time taken to conduct the surgery.

The patient can also take some preparatory precautions before the surgery to ensure that it is successful such as quitting smoking for at least twenty one days before the scheduled day for the surgery and after the surgery. Some medication like blood thinners should also not be taken for a similar duration. For other types of medication that the patient might be currently taking they should let the doctor know about them in advance so that the doctor can address their suitability or unsuitability with the surgery.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

The various treatments conducted in pre-prosthetic surgery include ridge augmentation, removal of excess gum tissue and bone reshaping. The treatment selected depends on the cause of the deformity.

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