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Nariman Saadat DDS MD

Dr. Saadat earned his bachelor degree in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics at UCLA. He subsequently completed his dental education at UCLA School of Dentistry.

Following dental school, he completed his medical and surgical training at Oregon Health and Science University where he received world-class surgical training in comprehensive management of wide array of oral and facial surgical treatments.

His interests and expertise include dentoalveolar reconstruction including complex bone grafting, dental implants, full arch fixed restoration, graftless solutions, Orthognathic (Jaw) surgery, facial trauma, nerve reconstruction, and management of benign and malignant pathology involving oral cavity.

dr saadat

Dental procedures offered by Us

We offer cosmetic dentistry which involves repairing and reconstruction of the mouth and facial features. Here are
some of the procedures that oral surgeons rely on a day-to-day basis.

i) Treatment of pathological infections

Infections that affect the mouth, teeth and dental structure can be attended to by an oral surgeon. If untreated, these infections can cause a lot of pain and swell on the face. Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills can provide the needed treatment for dental conditions like tumours and benign cysts located on either the mouth or the face.

ii) Reconstructive dental surgery

Reconstructive oral surgery has to do with cosmetic dentistry and corrective dental treatment. Out of the daily dental procedures of oral surgeons, reconstructive oral surgery is among the most common. If you intend to get a facial makeover, you can contact an oral surgeon to get this service. The best oral surgeon in Beverly Hills can also provide repair and dental correction for broken jaw bones, injuries in the mouth and misaligned teeth. Oral surgery can be used to treat conditions like sleep apnea which causes snoring and lack of enough air as you sleep.

iii) Fitting artificial teeth

Most of the time, artificial teeth usually require surgical mounting for them to be firmly fitted within the jaw structure. For this to be successful, an oral surgeon is best suited. The precision with the use of dental appliances is a key skill that even the best oral surgeon in Beverly Hills has to have. When it comes to other methods of teeth replacement and alignment, oral surgery is still very relevant for example in fixing aligners and braces.

When to see an oral surgeon

Most of the common dental issues most people have can be treated by an oral surgeon. For instance, having a tumor developing in the jaw is a condition that can be treated or removed through oral surgery.

In such a case, the oral surgeon cuts open the gum and proceed to remove a tumor. For complicated tooth extractions like the removal of impacted teeth, oral surgery is very ideal. Since the tooth is only partially visible, it is necessary for a small incision to be made to easily remove the tooth.

Oral surgeons can help repair broken bones on the face or the jawbone due to injury. Other conditions like sleep apnea, teeth alignment, and cleft palate can be corrected by an oral surgeon.

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