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Jaw surgery

Jaw surgery is also referred to as orthognathic surgery or corrective jaw surgery. This treatment procedure is carried out by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS).

The main aim of conducting the surgical procedure is to rectify some skeletal and dental issues that are minor as well as those that are major.

Some of the dental and skeletal issues treated using this procedure include teeth misalignment and jaw misalignment. After the procedure is conducted individuals can breathe, chew and speak in an improved manner.

The appearance of the patient might be enhanced greatly due to the procedure, but the main purpose of the procedure at the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills is to enhance the functionality of the areas being treated.

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Why is Orthognathic Surgery Necessary?

Teeth are aligned on the lower and upper jaws. Braces are used in the rectifying of dental issues like crooked teeth or malocclusion while jaw surgery is used to correct the position or size of the jaw.

Individuals suffering from difficulty in biting or chewing of food, swallowing difficulties, teeth that are extremely worn out, open bite as a result of the gap existing in between the lower and upper teeth when the mouth is closed, injury on the face, defects from birth, jaws that are protruding, facial appearance that are not balanced on the sides or from the front, TMJ disorders, chronic mouth breathing, sleep apnea, straining when making the lips,receding lower chin and jaw.


Before administration of the treatment the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills the dentist will have to conduct extensive and comprehensive examinations to come up with an accurate diagnosis.

The diagnosis will determine if one qualifies for orthognathic or jaw surgery. The oral and maxillofacial surgeon is responsible for determining the most appropriate treatment depending on an individual’s diagnosis and conducting the jaw surgery.

The surgeon should enlighten the patient on what the procedure will entail including details of whether before and after the surgery they will require orthodontics. The duration of time taken to conduct the procedure and for the healing process will also be given so that one can plan accordingly together with their families or friends.

What are the Causes of Jaw Abnormalities?

Abnormalities on the jaw can be caused by trauma on the face, an inheritance from birth or attained through development. More often than not the jaw discrepancies affect the chewing, bite and speech not the appearance of the face.

What is the Sequence of Treatment?

The jaw surgery treatment is usually carried out in four phases. The first phase includes the treatment planning which is conducted by the orthodontist and the Oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The orthodontist is responsible for determining how the teeth will be properly aligned using braces while the maxillofacial surgeon will be responsible for determining the most appropriate treatment to rectify your jaw deformity.

The second phase is the presurgical orthodontic phase which lasts nine to eighteen months during which the teeth should be properly aligned and ready for surgery. The third phase is the surgical phase where the jaw surgery is conducted as scheduled.

The fourth stage is the post-surgical orthodontic phase which is meant to continue aligning the teeth properly and keep them in the new positions.

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