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Facial Trauma

Facial trauma is also referred to as maxillofacial trauma. These terms are used to refer to any physical trauma that occurs to the face.

Facial trauma is inclusive of injuries on the soft tissues like bruises, burns, facial bone fractures, jaw fractures, lacerations and injury to the eyes.

The signs and symptoms exhibited in an individual will depend on the type of trauma or accident they have experienced. When an individual is suffering from a fracture, they are bound to experience loss of function in the fractured area, pain, alteration or changes in the structure of the face and swelling.

Loss of function and disfigurement are common results that occur as a result of facial injuries. Some loss of function includes difficulty when moving the jaw or blindness.

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Facial Traumas

Usually facial traumas do not threaten the life of an individual, but in some extreme cases, they do result in airway interference or excessive bleeding. The first step therefore in treating facial traumas is ensuring that the airway is not obstructed so ensure that the life of the patient is not in danger and they can properly breathe. The treatment given to the facial injury at the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills depends on the type of facial injury.

Some of the main treatments given include pain medication, putting the bones back into place, surgery, ice administration, antibiotics, suturing and bandaging the open wounds. In case there is any fractures radiology is employed during the examination to make an accurate diagnosis. For extreme cases of facial trauma, a traumatic brain injury might exist which will require complex treatment procedures.

Causes of facial trauma

Motor vehicles have been identified as the leading cause of facial trauma in developed countries. In the present day, this record has however been taken over by interpersonal violence through the road accidents are still the major cause of facial trauma in developing nations as well as the rest of the globe.

To help in the prevention strategies at, the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills have been put in place to raise awareness and educate the public about safety precautions like always wearing a seatbelt, having a helmet at all times on motorcycles, avoiding driving under the influence of alcohol and practicing safe driving. Other minor causes of facial trauma include injuries while engaging in sports, accidents in the industries and falling.

Signs and symptoms

The most common sign of facial trauma is the appearance of bruises. For facial trauma resulting in the fracturing of the facial bone, there will be the presence of swellings in the tissues adjacent to the fracture, extreme pain and bruising. The swelling or inflammation of the adjacent tissues is present both in the presence and absence of a fracture.

When the nose skull is fractured, there will be severe bleeding through the nose. Most nasal fractures are as a result of the nose deforming, bruising or swelling. The chin, as well as the lip, will be numb and difficulty will be experienced when opening the mouth when there is a mandibular fracture.

Teeth that are misaligned and cheekbones that are sunken are an indicator of a deformed face. Asymmetrical facial features can be an indicator of damaged nerves or the presence of facial fractures.

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