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Common dental procedures in oral surgery

Dental surgery is a field of dentistry that involves the use of complex surgical procedures in dental treatment. Oral surgeons Beverly Hills are the best dental specialists for performing dental surgery be it for treatment or dental cosmetics. In dental treatment, oral surgeons are highly qualified to perform various dental operations which other dentists cannot perform.

Basically, an oral surgeon can perform almost any kind of dental treatment for both children and adults. For the best dental treatment within Beverly Hills, you can rely on Dr. Saadat Dental clinic. They have a number of dental specialists who are well equipped to treat any dental issue.

Services offered by oral surgeons

Oral surgeons Beverly Hills perform a large number of dental treatments which include dental reconstruction and also general treatment. Before visiting the dentist for treatment, it is important to go for dental consultation in order to determine which dental services you require for treatment. At Dr. SaadatDental clinic, you can get top-notch dental consultation where the dentist will provide a scheduled treatment plan to address your dental issue fully. Here are a number of dental services offered at Dr. Saadat Dental clinic.

Surgical tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is usually performed by an oral surgeon if the tooth is only partially visible. Most oral surgeons Beverly Hills recommend the removal of wisdom teeth if they cause pain or discomfort. In most cases, surgical tooth extraction is required for impacted teeth that grow halfway out of the gum line. In such a case, the oral surgeon usually has to cut out some gum and jawbone in order to easily extract the tooth.

Fitting dental implants

Dental implants are artificial teeth that are used in tooth replacement. A tooth implant is usually fixed permanently into the jawbone making it act like a normal tooth. During treatment, the oral surgeon usually provides local anesthesia first in order to eliminate pain during the procedure. The surgeon then drills a small hole into the jawbone where the root of the implant will be placed.

After this, the titanium root is placed and allowed to heal. The dentist will recommend at least 12 weeks for healing during which you should protect the site from harm or any grazing that may cause bleeding. After healing, the dentist then places or screws a dental crown on top of the dental implant making the tooth complete.

Treating gum recession

Gum recession is a dental condition that is characterized by a reduced amount of gum on the base of the teeth. This condition is usually caused by a variety of factors one of them being a genetic disposition to receded gums. Treatment of receded gums usually requires gum graft surgery where a piece of gum is gotten from inner mouth tissues and used to cover areas where the gum has receded.

Although laser treatment is available for this procedure, dental surgery is also a common treatment for this condition. Visit Dr. SaadatDental clinic today to get the best dental surgery treatment in the city.

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