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Beverly Hills Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are molars with the purpose of growing at the very back of your dental structure. Wisdom teeth get their name from the nature of their growth. Since they usually grow when we are adults, they are seen as the teeth that bring wisdom. Wisdom teeth removal Beverly Hills is usually quite common in some situations. When going for dental treatment, the dentist will perform a thorough scan using an X-ray machine to determine the most excellent dental solution for your issue. At Dr. Nariman Saadat dental clinic, you can get top-notch teeth removal services for both adults and children. Visit them today and get the best out of wisdom teeth removal.

Reasons for wisdom teeth removal

Although wisdom teeth add a significant functioning to the dental structure, they can also be detrimental to the structure. For most people, wisdom teeth are not entirely functional owing to their position. This makes them seem like dead weight in your dental structure. There are various reasons why a dentist could recommend wisdom teeth removal Beverly Hills. One of them is tooth decay.

Wisdom tooth decay

Tooth decay normally affects the entire enamel of the tooth. If the decay goes untreated, it may spread downwards toward the root of the tooth causing a toothache. This happens when the decay reaches to the pulp of the tooth which provides nourishment to the tooth. Once the pulp is affected, the nerve endings therein begin causing pain since they are affected by the decay. Normally, treatment of tooth decay that has extended to the pulp usually requires root canal therapy. However, for wisdom teeth, root canal therapy cannot be successfully done due to the location of the tooth. This way the dentist will have to perform a wisdom tooth removal Beverly Hills in order to avoid the spread of the decay and also eliminate pain from the tooth.

Impacted teeth

Impacted teeth are wisdom teeth that grow halfway out of the gum base. Due to the size of the wisdom tooth, it may not grow all the way upwards until there is sufficient space in your dental structure. Such teeth can become painful when chewing since they are partially attached to the gum which is soft. What’s more, they may be less functional when chewing since they are not fully exposed or strong enough for chewing. If your impacted teeth begin causing pain, it is always best to visit a dentist for wisdom teeth removal Beverly Hills. Visit Dr. Nariman Saadat dental clinic today and get quality and streamlined wisdom teeth removal services.

Size of the wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth tend to grow later on and are usually larger than normal molars and premolars. If the wisdom tooth grows where there is insufficient space, it may cause other teeth to crowd due to less space on your dental structure. To prevent crowded teeth from developing, it is always best to visit a dentist for wisdom tooth extraction. Dr. Nariman Saadat dental clinic provides some of the best wisdom tooth extraction services.

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