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Beverly Hills Oral pathology

The scientific study of causes, development, consequences, process, and nature of the disease is referred to as pathology. Pathology is the branch of medicine that is involved with abnion and diseases. It is due to pathology that a surgeon will be in a position to make an accurate diagnosis of what one is suffering from a wide range of diseases with similar symptoms. For a more accurate of definitive diagnosis surgeons at the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills usually, request patients to take a biopsy to make sure that the diagnosis is accurate.

What Is A Biopsy?

A biopsy entails the removal of small tissues of the body as a specimen to be examined using the microscope. It is the surgical procedure where a small tissue of the suspected area most often from the mouth lining tissue known as the mucosa or from the underlying bone that is suspected through the entire examination process. Majority of the biopsies can be efficiently conducted in the office after inducing the patient with local anesthesia usually Lidocaine or Novocain. The collected tissue samples at the Oral Surgeons of Beverly Hills are sent to the pathology laboratory where oral pathology qualified specialists to observe them under a microscope.

Before placing the tissue samples under the microscope, they need to be processed. The process of processing and examining the tissue usually takes about ten days. The oral pathologist is extremely careful when performing these tasks to ensure that the accurate diagnosis is provided upon completion. Once the examination of the tissue is done the results are sent to the surgeon who reviews them and discusses any queries or concerns they might have regarding them with the oral pathologist before the patient’s next appointment.

The results sent to the surgeon will be very essential not only in confirming the diagnosis but also in determining the best treatment procedure that should be taken. The results show the specific conditions that need to be addressed or the type of lesion found during the diagnosis. If the lesions identified are massive additional surgery might be required or stitches might be made at the biopsy site which the surgeon will need to remove at an appointment made in the future. The patient should make an appointment with the doctor when the outcome of the biopsy is discussed and if they require treatment a treatment plan is made.

What Are The Risk Factors For Oral Cancer?

Every year about five percent of the cancer cases reported involving the neck and head region. The American Cancer Association has identified some factors as contributors that help in oral cancer development such as the excessive use of alcohol and tobacco. Other minor factors include ill-fitting dentures, poor nutrition, poor oral hygiene, rough teeth surfaces or a combination of all the above.

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