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About Oral Surgery

An oral surgeon refers to a dental specialist who treats and performs surgery in the inner mouth, neck, face, and jawbones. Oral surgeons specialize in maxillofacial surgery after first going through a basic Degree in Dentistry to achieve the requirements of the national dental association.

Oral surgeons are mostly concerned with repair and aesthetic reconstruction of complex dental conditions.

During treatment, we may choose to use local anesthesia for treatment procedures like root canal which require intensive surgical operations.

Top Oral Surgeons In Beverly Hills

When faced with any facial or dental issue, you can always consult us and to receive treatment or reconstruction. Unlike normal dentists, oral surgeons provide a wide range of treatment procedures that you can get for your dental condition.

Tooth replacement options for oral surgery are plenty and very likely to suit any dental patient.

Oral surgeons can also provide a set of treatment procedures that will give you an all-around good-looking appearance.

For instance, instead of only replacing your missing tooth, you can request for the oral surgeon to improve your jaw alignment to reveal a more structure dental appearance.

If you are someone who is looking to get your wisdom teeth pulled out, look no further. Dr. Saadat is your answer. He took all 4 of my wisdom teeth out in one sitting. I remembered falling asleep so fast right after i was given the anesthesia and when I woke up the procedure was done. I was relieved that it was painless and over with. Everyone at the office was helpful and friendly. They wheeled me down to my ride. I was taken good care of. Thanks Dr. Saadat!

Henedine J.

About Dr. Saadat

Dr. Saadat earned his bachelor degree in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics at UCLA.He subsequently completed his dental education at UCLA School of Dentistry.

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